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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  January 18, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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3 3 the countdown is on!the ravens a-f-c championship game ii - full swingg swing.joee ddsmith is ptreaming now from behind eneem lines... to see how paariots fans are getting ready for the puuple invasion. he'ssup in provideece right now where the teams are &&pstaying.good morning oel . 3 33
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3 &p 3a dozen lamp chopsshave arrivee in the mail... for gooernor martin o'mmlley.andd they're ll courtesy of john &pof'' payment foo the denver broncos' loss to -& theeravens last week... in double overtimeeif theebroncos had won....o'malley would have seet 12 chesapeake bby crab - cakes o colorado. weere following ray's last - ride all the way to the -3 superdome in new orleans.see playoffs.... hear raw interviews from the players... and find ther web links by going to our websste... foxbaltimore dot com. click on the "ray's last ride"
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banner on our homepage. -3 3 police in howard county aree searching for thieves... wwo -3 are stealing mail out of private mailboxes. maalboxes.over theepast 3 mooths... thieves ave hht 7 mailboxes in clarksville and laurel. they're targeeing poxes that are displaying the red flags... and thennswiping the outgoing mail. detectives say they're altering stolen checcs... and atteepting to cash them. in one case... a one-hunnred doolar check was changed to á9- hundred dollars.... but the baak caught the fraud before 3 3 (1:46:11) "uh, itss pretty unsettling... to know there are folks going through our mmil. i just feel likeewe need to be a whole ot more careful. we're a lottmore now about homes being broken into. people watchiig us." us." iisttad of mailinn checks from home... pplice are at the post office. if you think you've had maill that'ssbeennstolen.... contact & the possal service immediitely. 3 maryland scraps plans to build
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- a youth detention center in baatiiore. alternative plan now on the table involves regional treatment acility. -3 officials are also cclling on the citt'sspperelease unnty tt be renovated to accommodate youth offenders harged as it stands now... theyyre oused at thh baltimmre detention center.the &&ppractice has been criticized because of the condiiions he juveniles are eeposed to at the jail. 3 17734:09 the current conditions are not appropiate for ids 34:11 that's been & made very cllaa and 34:13 we & hhve to improve those conditions leaving youth in those conditions are simply not our priority we haveett -3 change that ircumstance for those kids :23 :23critics of the original proppsal argued that the statee should spend money on getting young oofenders into treatment... inside of building a new jail. & 3 anne arundel county executive john leopold waiies his rrght tooa jury trial. triil.that means a juuge ill now decide if hees guilty r
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&pinnncent of mis-uing hhs - police detaillfor personal gain.prosecutorr say he used county ppliie offiiers as security... hile he had sex witt a county employee inside & a car. leopold as &pmaintained his innocence. opening statements are set for todaa. 3 in aa innerview with oprah winfrey, lance armstrong comes clean about doping.the 7-time used a ariety of performance enhancing drugs toowin seven tourrde france titles.mary ellen hopkiis has the tory. storr..- 3 oprah wasted no tiie getting riiht to the pooit with armstrong.yes or no, did you ever ake bannnd substaaces to 3 performance? yes. armssrong said he was doping during all of his tour de france pictories.did it feel rong? at the time??mm-hmm. no. it scary. ann, he said he was a bully.if i diin't like wwat &psomebody said,,and foo whatever reasons in my own
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head, whether i viewed that ass pomebody being disloyal or a frieed urning on you or whatever, i tried tt control that anddsay that's a lie, they're liars. armstrong refused to answer whee opraa asked him if betsy andrru, wife of armstroog's former telling the truth when she overheard him elling aadoctor he was dooing. if the hospital - room didn't appen, just say it dddnnt happen, but he he won't do it,,because it did 3 texas -- armstrong's home town &p-- had mixed reaction to his admission.i think he's a cheater, you know. i think how elss to say it.personally iithiikkwhatever thee're putting into their body is their choice and i think if everyone's doinggit whoever's the best at it, the bess &ppheater, should win.the admission willlbe costly for armstrong. he already has been stripped of his tour de france titles and thh ollmmic medal he won in 2000..heeis also
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3& 3 a prominent connncticut priest s behind bars....accused of running a drug riig. federal investigators say "monsignor evin wallin" californna and sold it in connncticut. wallin was caught when he sold rugg to & an unnercover police fficee he's chaaggd with 6 counts....incllding possession 3 a frightening scene - out of philadelphia. we want pto warn you this video is difficult to watch. an mmn harasses a woman while waating &pfor the subway....just momeets beeore e throws her onto the 3 see the man walking up to thee -3 women.....hoves er and tten - begins ttacking her on the bench. moments later he grabs hee by her legs and drags her.... beeore picking &pherrup and thhowinn er onto the tracks. the woman police caught the menttl problems. -33 a louisiana man is facing charges today... for - burglarizing a seafood restaurant wherr he used to work.
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work.pollce say richardd boudreauxxwenttout tuesday night dressed in camouflage, gloves, and burglary toolss moments later... he reeembers -3 the restaurant hhs security cameras... so he puts a bucket on hisshead.boudreaux was able tt get away with cash from thh register.he then tries to steal from anottee businnss... -3 but doesn'' have succces. &ppolice caught up with him a short time laaer at home... and arressed him. 3 commnn up oo the earll edition... a hoax... that's 3 footbaal.who may be behind the reported joke....played on a nntre dame linebackee. 3
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,3 3 coming up... ray lewii gets at least one more game. hii looming retirement is afffcting he team. the story of a colllge linebacker... and his deceassd giilfriend... makes waaes.the have mmde the girl up. 3 ((break 2))
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3 3- 3&ptte sports world and the - internet remain abuzz this morning as notre dame &plinebacker manti te'o says he - was the ictim of a "sick joke."so who's really ehind the hoax?brian todd has more. 3& it was a hoax made aal the - more believable- by his -3 hushedd mouunful interviews- like the one he gave e-s-p-n. "i cried. i yelled. never felt that way before. six-hours ago i just found out my ggandma passed away and you take,,you & know- the love of my lifee last thing she said to me was 'i love you'."but manti te'o's
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& supposed girlfrrenddlennay kekua, who'd reporteddy died of leukemia, never existed. te'o and notre dame say he was the victtm of this hoax.who perpettated it?'', the sports-investigative - website that brokk the sttry, points to a young man named ronaiah tuiasooopo.cnn ootainee a yearbook photo of him rom 2008, when he as a senior at paraclete high school in lancaster, califfrnia.deadspin, citing friends and relatives of the girlfriendd and spread the myth online."they told us that he has been doing the lennay kekua fake online rofile for several years, and that he's 3 ttap- but that they caught on way earlier than manti e'o - did."cnn cannot confirm went to addresses, called numbers in southern california 3 anddcould not reach him.we caught up with tuiasosopo's ffther titus, a former football player at uus-c and now a pastor at a place called
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the oasis christian church of -the antelope.he wouldn't speak pn-camera but told uu: "..(the truth) will all come out...god knows ourrcharacter."ronaiah tuiasosopo's uncle- who gave us thess pictures of himmas a child- teels us tuiasosopo is peligious- and plaas ii aabaad at hii father's church."it's hard for me because i knoo the kid all hiis ife- and it's the first time i hearddsomethhng piie that."deadspin says tuiasosooo and manni teeo know each other.notre dame's athletic director, who hired pnvestigators in ttisscase, was asked iffttey're cousins or family friends:"that characterization does not - squaar wiih my information, but i'll llt the te'os aadress it."we could not reach maati te'o, his parents or his agent for comment.tuiasosopo is a former player himself-- seen hhre as a quurterback at antelope valley high school. he's got relltives who've played college nd pro football.(ssandup)"i spoke on the phonn with marques tuiaaosopoo a former & raiders and
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new york jets. marques saad hees a distant cousin of ronaiah tuiasosopo. marques diin't want to tape n interview. he said he can't say nything about this story, doeen't know ronaaah well. but marques did say that he and his family know the te'o family."who's the woman depicted in social-media photos as manti te'os pirlfriend?aawoman we --3 contacted, whose name we're nnt airing, ays she realized her picture had been uued or a fake facebook page, for 3 cooing up...the orioles 3 off-ssason. season.the contract xtension given to manager buck showalter. 3 ((break 3))
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3 poming p in our 6 o'clock hour... breaking the law... while behind bars. bars.thh fake tax returns -3 thousand of prisoners file every year.
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